Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

The Living Temple. Part IL laid for the proof of it, by there de- grees. (r.) Somewhat or other muff ever have been. For otherwife, how could any thing come to be at all ? Do you think it was poflible, if e- ver there was nothingat all in Be- ing, of onefort, or other, that any thing fhould have come into Be- ing ? No furely, for which way fhould it be ? It could not bemade by another, there being no other to make it : And it could not make it Pelf, it felf being as yet nothing. But fure you can eafily apprehend, that to make a thing be, is to dofome- thing, and as eafily, that what is nothing, can do nothing. There- fore, when your own eyes tell you, that fomething now is 5 you may be as fure, as of what you fee with your eyes, that fomewhat or other hath ever been. Say with your felf, [fomewhat now is ] therefore [fotne- what hath ever been]. If you dif- cern not the clearnefs of this Con - fequence, take the oppofrte to it. [Nothing now is], therefore [no- thing will ever be] ;, 'tis as broad, as long. (2.) You