Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part IL The Living Temple. am fure. Let not your thoughts rife back to this, as a doubtful thing, any more, or unravel their own Work But make ufe of it as a certainty, to your further purpofe. Beingthus prepar'd, take this brief account of what hathbefore been dif- courfed moreat large. And z. As to thisfiiil and great Princi- ple, that there is a God. Be but pati- ent of being ledby the hand, a few, eafy, Steps, in a way that is in fome part fufficiently beaten 5 however, that is fufficiently plain, and 'tai to be ho- ped you will foon fee that Matter put out of all doubt. Let this then be your rft Step Firft, that fonsewhat or other there is, that hath been from all Eternity, neceffariy, and of it fell, without de- pendenceupon any thing elfe. If this be not at the firft View e- vident to you, or if it feern too large a Step, we will divide it into parts. And confider well what is laid 77