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Part II. The Living Tienmple. 83 elfe by which it (hould be male, it could never have been. Wherefore than far, you have firm footing in this Firft Step. Nopart of the Ground, which it meafures, (hakes tinder you. You may fay, you are fire of this; That fomewhat there now is, that bath beenfrom all Eternity, ne- ceffarily and of it fell; without depen- dence upon any thing elfe ; and that can never ceafe to be. Set this down therefore for aCertain- ty, and then add to it, Secondly, That whatfoever is not ne- cef%arily andofit felfisfrom, and by that which is neceffarily, and of itfelf, as the fiji Author, andCaufe thereof This is fo certain, that nothing needs to be Paid for the Proof of it more than hath been faid already. So that you do but underfland the meaning of it, which you cannot but do if you confider: That all things that are, or ever were, muff; be of one of thefe two forts, viz. What was ofit felf; and. What was not ofit felf, but from another. There- 2 fore,