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Part H. The Living Temple. A Cloud and Darknefs, are now drawn over the World of Mankind, and though it be fill very eafìly dif cernable that God is, it is yet more difficult to attain to fo cliftin&t Appre- henfions what he is, as are neceffary to our converting with him. Againf1 this Difficulty, he bath af- forded a gracious .Relief. That is, he path provided there fhould be a more exprefs Difcovery of him, extant a- mong Men, than can be colleted by t their making Obfervations upon this World. The Cafe was fuch with Man (grown now fo great a Stranger to God) as to require a written Revelation ofhis Nature and Will. And we have it in thofe Scriptures which bear with us the name of the Word of God. It were, indeed, very unfeafonable, and, abfurd, to urge their Authority in the Enquiry, whether there be a God or no? For what Authority have they more than other Writings, but as they are God's Word ? Therefore to expe&, or give affent to them, as filch, while yet it remains an undecided Controverfy, whether there be any fuch one, or no, for whofe fake the Affent fhould begi- ven ; were to expofe our Religion not 9i