Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

90 The Living Temple. Part IL can apply himfelfto you, or anyof his Creatures, in a way fuitable to the Na- tures, whichhe hathput into you, and them. Nor that he is ready to con- verfe with you, in a way fuitable to the Nature he hath given you, if you be fuch towards him, and fo apply your felf to him as you ought. For it is not a greater thing to do fo, nor more exceeding or going beyond the reach ofhis Power, J'Vifdont, and Good- nefr, as you cannot but fee, than to have given Being to you, and all things. But now if what is further difcour- fed in thatformer. Part, concerning the Onenefr of the Divine Being, and the Infinitencf thereof 5 or concerning any other Perie&ions there particularly af- ferted unto it, feem not fo plain to you as is regulate, to guide and facilitate your Applications to him. What hath been more plainly Paid in this, is how- ever fufcient, as moreprimarilyfund-a. mental, andprerequite to that further lnowledge, ofhis Nature, and Will to- wards you ; Which, in another way, is to bf 141 a.r d. o a_gl t after,