Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living 'Temple. ftand the difference between a things Being ofitfelf, and being of, or from a- nother, and find the former mull be the Original of the latter, we cannot but underhand our felves, when we fay there is an Original Being. And hav- ing home underflanding what is meant by Power, Wifdom, and (àoodnefs, with - all finding, that not only the Eta s of theft, but thefe very things the are in the World, we cannot but be fure (becaufe thefe things come not of nothing) that the Original Being is Powerful, Wife and Good. And now when we have thus found out an Ori- ginal Being, that is of Wifdom, Power and Goodnefs fufficient to be the Au- thor of fuch a World as this. We at once know both what God is, (fuffici- ently to diflinguith him from all things elfe) and are at a certainty that He is. When we perceive that he bathgiven to all Breath and Being and all things, we havefought, and even felt and found him out, and found, that he is not far from any one opts, fence in him we live andmove andhave our Being, That he is every whereprefent, in this his Creati- on as the great Suthainer, and the Life of 93