Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

vigazimmil 94 Ilse Living Temple. Part H. of the Univerfe. And forafmuch ef- pecially as we are his O fpring, (as even the light ofanHeathen Poet could reach to difcover) even we (who area fort of intelligent, deigning, affive Beings) that therefore, the Godhead is not like Silver, or Gold, &c. But ofa Nature more nearly refembling that of own Souls ; and the higher Excellen- cies, of the belt of his Creatures, al- though eminently containing in him- felf alto, all the real Perfe&ions, Ver- tiles, and Powers of all the reft. When we underftand fo much of God (as we may by the light of our Town Reafon) We underftand enough to give a Foundation to Religion, and to let us fee he ought to have a Temple, and Worfh,ip, and another fort ofTem- ple than is made by Mens Hands, other Worfhip than can be performed by the Hands ofMen, as is there clearly argu- ed, and inferred by the Apoftle, upon thole plain Gounds. Now when we are arriv'd thusfar, it is feafonable to make ufe of the fur- ther Help which we may obferve the Great, and Wife, and Good God to have moft condefcendingly, moft apt- ly, and moit mercifully afforded us, for l