Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part IL The Living Temple. 97 certain than that there were Men, and Nations, in the World, that we have not Peen, and before we were born. If we fee it not only improbable, but e- yen next to impobble, that the Re- cords of thofe miraculous Atteflations fhould have been forged, and Nations impos'd upon thereby ; and amongft them, many of the wiféil of Men, in thofe very Times when the things re- corded, were alledg'd to have been done, and in a Matter wherein their eternal Hope was concern'd : We "if ge than, upon the whole, fee caufe to1dkenotire judge, That as it were moft abfurd, tofomein fuppofe, fuch a Revelation given byparts of God, and nofucient rational Evidence this Vol. withal given, that it is from him ; there are very anti- (without which it cannot ferve its end, entPredi- and fo would fignify nothing) So that kions of there is nothing wanting, in divine E-the (iron- flimate it felf, to make up fuch a fuffi- m rnn cient, rational Evidence ; nor in our likely E- own ; unlefs we would fuppofe it vents that neceffary, that every Man thould have 'fee e - aBible reacht him down by an imme- ds f diate Hand from Heaven, or make fome the other other suppofition as fond and vain as Parts., that ; or that we count not thatfufici- eut Evidence, which ought to fatísfy