Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

96 The Living Temple. Part II. For findingour own great Need of fuch an additional Light, and appre- hending it fufficiently agreeable to the Divine Goodnefs to afford it, and ex- peding it to be fuch, in its Scope, and Defign, as we find it is. If we further confider it mutt have hadfome Author, and perceiving it not eafy, with any plaufiblePretence,to affix it to any other, thanGodhimfelf: Ifwe confider that it was impoffible it could be invented by Men, without Tome defignof Self- advantage, either in this World, or in the other ; and how abfurd any fuch Expectation muff be, either from Men here, theContents thereof being fo re- pugnant to the common Inclinations of Men, as to oblige thofe that own'd them to the fevereft Sufferings on that account ; or from God hereafter, who could not be expected to reward For- gery, Falfhood, and the I;.Ifurpation of his Name ! Ifagain, we further obierve the po- fàtive Atteftations, whereby he hath challenged, and owned it, as his own, and wherein the Divine Power hath born witnefs to the Divine Truthcon- tained in it, ifthe Matteisof Faa. on which all depends, appear not leis certain