Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

108 The Living Temple. Part II. iI. We fhall find he is no further a Stranger in this World, than as we have made and continued him fo. No farther an Home-dweller in it, than as by an admirable Contrivance of Wif- dons andLove, that will be the eternal Wonder of the other World, he bath made way for himfelf. Whereby his Propenfions towards Men, prevailing a- gainft fo great an OMru lion, doeven now appear at once, both evident, and marvellous ; and ought to be not on- ly the Matter of our Belief; but Ad- miration. Wherefore our Difcourfe muff here proceed by thefe Steps, to thew, . That Mankind bath univerfal- ly revolted, and been in a fate of Apoftacy from God. 2, That, hereby, the Temple of God in Man, hath been, ge- nerally, made wafle and defo- late. ;. That