Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part IL The Living Temple. 109 3. That he bath laid both the NewFoundations, and the Plat- form of his prefent Temple in Emmanuel,God with us,his own incarnate Son, who rebuilds, beautifies, furnifbes, inhabits it, and orders all the Concern- ments of it. 1ft. Thefiri , we do little need to III. labour in, every Man's own RetieCtion, upon the vitiated Powers of his own Soul, would Coon, as tohimfelf, put the Matter out of doubt. Whence, each ones Tefiimony, concerning his own Cafe, would amount to an univerfal Teflimony. NoMan that takes a view of his own dark and blinded Mind, his flow, and dull Apprehenfion, his un- certain ftaggering Judgment, roving Conjeaures, feeble and miftaken Rea- fonings about Matters that concern him moft ; ill Inclinations, propenfion to what is unlawful to him, and defiru- &ive, averlion to his truefl Interefi and heft Good, Irrefolution, drowfy Sloth, exorbitant and ravenous Appetitesand Defires, Impotent and Self-vexing Paf fans,