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y T © The Living Temple. Part II. lions, can think humane Nature in him, is in its primitive integrity,, and fo pure, as when it . firft iffued from its high and moft pureOriginal. By fuch ftefiedion, every Man may perceive his own illCafe, in thefe, and many more fuch,.refpecis and by ob- ferving the Complaints of the molt Se- rious, and fuch as have. feerned moti to Study themfelve.r, collect it is gene- rally fo with others alfa. 1V. They that have read ,° the fared ho- Gen. 6. lume, - 'cannot be ignorant, tv.aatL.a1/ ll Fleflrhave'corrupted their way 5: that The great God looking down from Heaven upon: the ChildrenofMen, , to f e if there were any that ,did underfand . that did feels God 5. hath:'only : the unp ea-firm. ProfpeòWefore tiffs: Eyes.,-even of an un"iverfàl Deprcavatsa4 `acid. Defection; that.every vile ofthere, i!s= < n e back ; 'thee are altogether beaconze flt ;. ,there`Is none Rom. 3. thatcloth good, a21 .one. That=..ill have finned,, and corn fho6,4ro,1f the Qlory z Job. 5. ofGod, that this Worlddieth Wided- nefs. And that this swas-uot the ril State ofMann , Lut.that he iswclè cnera- ted into it; ,'frò n aloriver and better Eccl. 9. State: That God : piade= him ':upright; but