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I i 2 The Living Temple. Part H. the living Death, the fenfble Carcafr, a moving Sepulchre, which they carry a- bout with them. wv ' auvd éQeu,r We find Complaints, that eyu by Bonds and Chains our N >(glexóuQdov, peetar, vév. Jamb. Mind is held, from our In-' devit. Pythag. fancy. Of certain mean, and debating Paf- frons, that dofaCen, and even nail the Soul to the Body. Ofmuchgreater Evils, and rf` 7,7 Qmta zrxevpf- pr more grievous, than the moll Ltif,ve meoliovíar, grer'e lyd'e.,aodlàyear, painful bodily Difeafes, Gouts, seayyvfayd'umev)=ei- Stranguries, Dyfenteries, and d), Esc. j di 7.4 ` UXiF aomrJ ptqora Myriads of the like, viz. all xar xaheZrrvleeà à- manner of Sins, WicLedneff, ` "' n' u' " Tranfgref f ons, Lingodline s, gou%ar, à(írbuc7ac. ciem. which we have to lament as the Maladies, or Difaffec` ions of our Soul. Of certain old or invete- rate Spots, that are by all xnvidf, p. 256. Hip- per. Py.hag. means to be wafhed andpur- ged out. eéf141 That there are certain Prin- ciples of Vicioufnefs, as Plea- fures, Griefs, Lulls, Fears, enkindled from the Body, but mixed with the Soul, and that abfurdly bear Rule over it. And