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Parr it. The Livi31; ample. t c 3 And the Naturainefs of thefe, is more than intimated, while they are faid to be ra- ther from Parents, and our f g Elements, than our felves. Or rather to be imputed (as is elfewhere faid) to thole that plant, than thole who are planted. Whence alfo, Vice is faid to be invol,;ntarie, (being rooted in our Natures) That whofo- ever are vicious, become fob from filch things as do even prevent our Choice, And that all Men do more Evil than Good , beginning even from their very Child -. hood. And (as another expreffs it) we offend from certain involuntary Pajjions,in which the gravity of the Soul is confifi. Or that we here par - take a certain mundane Na- ture, which, he fays is rrlixt of Mind, and Necef f ty c.0 11,5e 3,,gyc%+.v.' xa` Sal;rElWE', UlL7v.c{ Yt é àu.'Wa'. Plat. Tim. Locr. , ',7ruitian ,.,.ev TK QLr 7svb!,7us eic-;, T C!uistr,. cf,tCrV,ccuNG±n Id;:tr ilraus. ' : :, t C;.,;,.':.a 7.4yv6g.vr... ctPp'' . xNy ot é t rctWd, hi é eLptctPTCCYea7v ra- x v1 . 'dun Hipp. Major, p. 296, ei x.i6 ,zrrf.atf.i.4. PloLin,Enne.i. Lib .$: made to wiii4,4:'ni;cuà n íàs d'e It;r,t.s ú Sc% s'Y,,YcÉY'cty° xrs. IdcrYt p. 77a' Anal