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A frerace For as they canmake a fafficient fhift to fecure themfelves from the latterfort of Torments, fo they believe theCham- pions of their Caufe have taken iufficient Care to fecure them from the fori' mere As Religion bath its Gofpel and P- vangeliris, fo bath Atheifm and Irre ligion too. There are Tidings ofPeace fent to fuch as [hall repent and turn to God: And there have been thofe ap . pointed, whole Bufinefs it flaould be, to publi[h and expound them to the World. This alto is the Method for carrying on the Defign of frr,:ligion D.,ctrines are invented o make Men fearlels, and believe they need no Re- pentance. Andf2mte have taken thepart to affert and defend fuch Doctrines, to evangelize the World, and cry Peace,, Peace.. to Men, upon tilde horrid Terms. And tìefe undertake for the common Herd, encourage them tò in- dulge themfelves all manner of Liber- ty, whiL they, watch for them, and guard the Coafts And no i- aith was ever more implicit or refign?d, than the Lafidefity and Disbelief is, of the more unthinking fort of thefe Mn They reckon it is Rot every One's part to A thin, ft0