Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

vi A Preface. running this long-beaten circular Tract ofdoing, and repenting the fame things, looks ridiculously, and they begin to be alham'd on't. A lefs interrupted, and more progref ive Courfe in their Licentious Courfe, looks braver ; and they count it more plaufible to disbe- lieve this World to have any Ruler at all, than to fuppofe it to have fuck a One as they can cheat and mock with fo eafy and ludicrous a Repentance, or reconcile to their Wickednefs, only by calling themfelves wicked, while they Rill mean to continue fo. And per. haps of any other Repentance they have not heard much ; or if theyhave, they count it a more heroical, or feel it an eager thing, to laugh away the fear of any future Account, or Punifhment, than to endure the Severities of a feri- ous Repentance, and a regular Life. Nor can they, however, think the Torments of any Hell fo little tolerable as thofe of a fober and pious Life upon Earth. And for their happening to prove Everla{ling, they think they may run the hazard of that. For