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1 2 0 The Living Tex le. Part H. chiefly intent upon the .l u ure and Go. vernment oftheir Minds, That `as he afterward lays in another part of that zv-s àv!o Dif;:o;rrfe, while the God- like nature continued in f fcient vigor with them, they were obedient to Laws, and behaved t henifelvesfriendly towards 1 5; 6° that divine thing that was akin to them, Then they pof,1e(fed Thoughts that were true, and altogether great :r tiling Meek- iie(s, and Prudence hi reference to their cta Conditions, and one another. That they dfregarcded ala things in comparifon ofVertne: They early bore a profperous Condition, elieeniing all outward things little. They were not intoxicated, or drunken with fenfual Delights 5 but fo- ber, and quicklighted, and all things encreaJd upon then thro' their mutual 6 '- Love ar'2d jertue. But they growing at length into a toogreat efleem and love of J, 7 9_x terrene thins - - -- and that Participation which they hadof God decaying (where- as all was well while the Divine Nature remained with them) and being vJariou f m,"1 7,r ly intermingled with much deadly [Evill and a= kind ofMitutan Cullom or Coi r f of ` l i V i=1% (as er _LE%there he f exprefes rupt2 n) prc`z.,ail:n. among them, of able to hoer a P: o/7erous (on, J.