Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part H. Ilse Living T. nple. 11.9 So another fays,thy,t whatfoever things scr. come into this H'arld from God, are good, ,,a xarx but Evils [proceed] from a certain, an- «f° cient nature, :c. By which what r, Plat, could he mean ? but the hereditary Enneaa.I. Pravity, which path, in a long Series, L''sP. 7 defcended from depraved Progenitors fo as no longer to be a new thing ; but of a forgotten Original, and from of old, reigning in the World. They of this famous Sett, the PLA- TONrSTS, feern often to attribute J - cious Inclination to the Souls being uni- ted with the Body ; (as fuppofing it to have exifted pure and finlefs, before) Yet even they appear alfo, not to have thought it inipo;jible, an humane Soul fhould, fometime, have been in an earthly Body, without Sin. For their renowned Leader difcourfes at large, of a former incorrupt,State ofMan in the Body (a golden Age, as others allo calf it) andof a Deftaion, or Apoftacy from it ; which State, tho' his - .Egyptian Tradition mifinformed him, about the continuance of it, he excellently def cribes (as allo Man's declining from it) telling us, That then God familiarly converted with Men, taking care ofthem, s Q Shepherd ofhis .Flock. That he wasThexter, T 4 chiefly