Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

12 2 The Living Temple. Part II. naturally capable. Or particularly, that he created Man, with a Difaffe&ion to himfelf; or, that ever he, at firII, defign'd a Being of fo high Excellen- cy, as the Spirit of Man, to drudge fo meanly, and be fo bafely fervile, to terrene Inclinations ; or, that fince there are manifeflly Powers in him, of a Superiour, and Inferiour fort, and order, the meaner fhould have been, by original Inflitution, framed to Com- mand ; and themore noble, and excel- lent, only toobey, and ferve. As now, every one that obferves, may fee the Common Cafe withMan is. And how far he is fwerved from what he was, is eafily conjedurable, by comparing himwith the aneaftres, which (hewwhat he fhould be. For it cannot be conceiv'd for what EndLaws were ever given him, if, at leaft, we allow them not the meafitres of his pri- n itive Capacity, or deny him ever to have been in apoJibility to obey. Could they be intended for his Government, ifConformity to themwere agains`, or above his Nature ? Or were they only for his Condemnation ? Or for that, if he was never capable of obeying fm ? lows mnconfifttr : were it with tj,_,