Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part Ii. The Living Temple. 12 à the Gooclnefs of the Bleffèd God, that the Condemnation of his Creatures fhould be the fr'rs`! Deign ofhis giving them Laws ? And with his yufice to make his Laws the Rule ofPunifhment, to whom they could never be the K.u1e ofObedience and Duty? Or with his lifdom to frame a Syftemand Body of Laws, that should never ferve for ei- ther Purpofe ? And fo be upon the whole ufeful for nothing ? The com- mon Reafonof Mankind teacheth us, to eftimate the i'Vifdona and Equity of Law-givers, by the Suitablenefs of their Conftitutions, to theGenius and Tem- per of the People for whom they are made ; and we commonly reckon no- thing can more fluxand expofe Govern- ment, than the impofing of Confiututi- ons, moil probably, imprafticable, and which are never likely to obtain. How much more incongruous muff it be efleemed to enjoyn fuch as never poflibly could ! Prudent Legiflators, and fiudious of the common Good! would Le illy to impale upon Men, un-, der their Power, againft their Genius, and commonLlfages, neither alterable eafily, nor to any Advantage : Much more abfurd were it, with great So- ,hraanity,