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Part II. lhe Living Temple. r 2 5 cufers, or Accarfers ? And what Both that fignify, but a Lap/e, and Recefs, from their Original State? The broken imperfect Memorials whereof,, are a fianding Teftimony againft their pre- f nt Corxrfe. Their Notions of right and ivrpng, comely and uncomely, re- monftrating againft their Vicious Incli- nations, and Ways? For would they ever reprove themfelves for what was not poffible to be otherwise ? Or was Man created a weer piece of Self -con- tradi tion ? Or with a nature madeup of Repugnancies, and perpetually at War with it felf ? This I fiould do, but that which is clean contrary I have a mind to. Were thefe ever like to be IYnprefons, both, figned upon him by the fame Band ? Nothing is plainer, therefore, than that he is corrupted from his primitive Integrity, and be-, come a depraved, and a degenerate thing. 2. We go on then, in the next place, VIII. to thew, That by this Degeneracy the Temple ofthe Living God among Men, became wage and deflate. Viz.. Both uninhabitable, or unfit, for his Bletied Pretence ; and, thereupon,, deferted and