Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Th Living 1:ample. Pt as being Brit unfuitable to the Bleffed God, and then thereupon Diaifed- ed. Mtn was become moft anfirna- He to him. TheDivine In/age (which wher0hpuld it be but in his Temple) being now defied and torn down. We fpeak: lot now of thenatural Image of Go4 Afan or the, B. eprefentation the ,Soul of Mailz hath of its Maker in the 4iritual _ine-4ligent, Vital, and Immortal Nature thereof. Which I- mage we know cannot be loft. But its li,femblanceofhim in the Excellen- cies which appear to he loft, and which were chis Duty, a debitum in/re, and could not be loft but by his own great default. And thofe are both, [Ach as wherein the Soul of Man did imitate and refemble God, as Knowledge, Pu- rity, juftice, Benignity, &cJ And [filch as wherein though it could net &Rate him 5 yet was to bear it felf correfpondently towards him. As he being the abfoluie Soveraign, to Le fib- jea to him, obey, and ferve him. And he being the All-filfficient Good to trufi in him, depend upon him, kuoiv, love, and delight in him, unite with him, and expel