Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part H. The Living Temple. 129 expel Blefednefs only in, and from Him. How unlike, and difagreeable to God, in all thefe refpeds, is Apofate Man ! That whereas the Notion given us of God, is that he is Light, and with him i John is no Darknefs at all.- 'Tis faid of fuck as had been involv'd in the Common Apoflacy, in reference to that their former State : re were Darknefs 5 as if that were the fttelt and trueft Account that could be given of this revolted Creature; not that he is in Darlnefs, or there is much Darknefs in him; but, He is Darknefs. He and Darknefs mayEphcf, 5. define one another : That is he, and He is That. A difmal horrid Cloud bath inwrapt his Soul, that retias, and yields not eaiily, to the moft piercing Beams, excludes Light, wherefoever it would infìnuate it felf. This hash made the Soul ofMan a molt unnieet Receptacle for the Divine Prefence, and more like a Dungeon, than a Tem- ple. And as h,e is now funk into Carnali- ty, and a low abjecl earthly Spirit, bow unfit is he for Divine Converfe How unapt to favour the things ofGod 110 unike the Father ofspirits ! And là- `:'here:e