Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temple. t 3 Y in he hath offer'd himfelf as his moft imitable Patern! And wherein he is not imitable, but requires a proportionable, and correfpon- dent Deportment, or Conformity ; as bytruii, to hisAll fuf ciency 5 by flab- jeciion to his Sovereign Power and Go- vernment. How difmal is the Cafe, and how horrid the effects of the A- poftacy in thefe regards ! How prepo- fterous, andperverfe, are his Difpofa- tions, and the Courfe he hath run. For wherein it was permitted to him, to imitate and affeí`t likenefs to a Deity, where he was put under no reftraints, and his higheft afpirings had been not only innocent, but moft worthy of. praife, as to imitate God in Wfdot.n Righteo:fnefs, Sincerity, Gaodnefs, Pu- rity, ,rc. Here nothing would pleafe but utmo.s alb-di/it/de and to be as unlike God, as he could devife. But in thofe things that were within the in- clofiire, and appropriate, moft peculi- arly, to the Godhead. To be the firji, and the Lift, the Alpha and Omega ; the only One on whom all mull depend, and to whomall mull be fubjea and obey. Thefefacred Regalia, the higheft Rights, and Flowers of the Eternal K 2 Crown