Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

130 The Living Temple. Part II. whereas he was of a middle Natures partaking fomewhat of the angelical, fomewhat of the animal Life, how is he fwallow'd up of the latter ! and become like the Beafis that perifh, ' as the Borfe and Mule without underftand ing, as the Dag and Swine both for fiercenefs and impurity, as the one is both apt to bite and devour, and return to his own Vomit 5 and the other, both to rent fuch as Band in his way, and wallow in the Mire. We might add the fundry other Scripture Refemblances of Wolves, Bears, Lions, Serpents, Ad- ders, Vipers, &c. whereby manyBrutes feem met in one Man ! and to have made 'a colle&ion, and contributed their worfl 2ualities, and all thevenous of their Natures, to the making up of one mifehievous Compo/ìtion in him. So that infleadof a Temple, he is a Cage of every Unclean andhurtful thing: He is, in fhort, of a reprobate Mind, full of all Vnrightcoufnefs, Fornication, Wick. ednefs, Covetor, f aefs, Malicioufnefs, En vy, Murder, Debate, Deceit, Malig- nity, &c. How repugnant, in all re- fpeCts, to the holy, pure, benign, merciful Nature ofGod ! How 'emote from the imitationof hisMaker, where- in