Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

144 The LavingTemple. Part IL Man was his own Creature, railed,out of nothing, by his mighty, and moil. arbitrary Hand. It was in his Power and Choice, whether ever he fhould, baize Being, any, or none, another or this,, or fo Noble an order and kind. The Defignation was moft apt, of fo excellent a Creature to this Office and life, ty be immediately facred to him- felf, and his ownConyerfe ! His Tem- pie and Habitation, the Manton and Refidence of his Pretence, and in- dwelling Glory ! There was nothing whereto he was herein defign'd,where- -of his Nature was not capable. His Soul was, after the requir'd manner, receptive of a Deity Its Powers were competent to their appointed Work and Employment : It could entertain ,,God by knowledge and Contemplation of his Glorious Excellencies, by Reverence. and Love, by Adoration and Praife. This was the higheft kind of Dig-, nity whereto created Nature could be rais'd, the moll Honourable State. How high and quick an Advance ! This mo- ment, nothing , the next, a being ca- pable, and full of God !