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A Preface. x Now, If it do appear fromwhat bath beenfaid concerning the Nature of ne cefryfei exiflingBeing, that it cannot but be ab !nte!ly perfect, even as it is f ch, Once nothing is more evident than that fcnze Being or other doth exi.s` neceffariy, or of it felf, our Point is gain'd with- out more ado : i. e. We have anObject ofReligion, or one to whom a Temple duly belongs. We, thereupon, ufed fome Endeavor to make that good, and fecure that more compendious way to our End , as may be feen in theformer Part. Which was .endeavour'd, as it was a neerer and more expeditious courfe not that the main Caufe of Religion did depend Upon the immediate and felf-evident, reciprocal, Connection ofthe Terms, neceffary Exigence, and abfolute Perfection, as we {hall fee hereafter in the followingDifcourfe. ut becaufe there are other Hypothefes, t t proceed either upon the denial of any neceffary Being that is abfolutely per- fect, or upon the Afertion offorce necef, fary Being that is not abfolutely perfect , it hence appears requifite, to under- take the Examination of what is faid toeither of thefe Purpofes, andto {hew 3 , wits.