Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

A Preface. with how little Pretence a necdlary moll perfe& Being is deny'd, or any fuch imperfect neceffary Being, is either aferted or imagined. We Mall, therefore, in this 2d. Part, Fir.1, take into Confideration what is ( with equal Abfurdity and Impiety ) afferted by, one Author, of the Identity of all Subliance, of the Impoffibility of one Subflance's being produc'd by another, And eoniequentlyof one neceffary f lf- exing Being, pretendedwith grofsfelf repugnancy, to be endued with infinite Perfections, but really reprefnted the common Receptacle of all imaginable Imperfection and Confufion. Next, what is afferted by another in avow'd oppofition to hint, of a neceffa- ry felf-exijient Being, that is at the fame time faid to be effntially imperfect. Then we fhall recapitulate what had been difcourfed in the former Part, for Proof of fuch a neceffariiy exifkent, andabfolutely perfect Being, as is there affected. Thencewe [hall proceed to thew how rea3ffnably Scripture Teflimmny is to be rcly'd upon,in reference to fome things concerning God', and the Religion of t Temple, which either are not fo fkarly