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Preface. xvii theEfence of t thing be that, by which it is what it %is, furely the Plurality of Epnees mat make a Plurality of things. But it may be faid, ` Cannot one thing be compoundedof two or more things effentially divers, as the Soul andBody of a Man ; whence, there- fore, thefame thing, viz. a Man, will have twoEffences ? This is true, but im- pertinel.xt. For the very notion of Com- pofition 'tìgnifies thefe are two things uni- ted, not identify'd, that are capable of being ?gain feparated 5 and that the third tching, which refults from them. both waited, contains themjtill dif Inc ` from, one another, not thefame. Bpt it may be faid, tho' thefe Attri- butes are acknowledg'd, and afferted to he diflinct from one another, they are yet found in one and the fame Sub- pance common to them all. And this no more ought to be reckon'd repug- nant to commonReafon, than the Pki lofophy heretofore in credit, which taught that the vaft diverliity of forms throughout heUniverfe, which were counted fo many difiini Eifences, do Yet all reticle in the fame firi7 Matter, as thecommaReceptacle of them all, Nor