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itl A Preface. Nor yet cloth t is falve the Difnefs, were that P, lofopiy never fo ; : and facred. For you muft coal der lie af- ferns an Attribute is that which confli- tutes the Effence of the Subftance in which it is. But that Philofophy .ne- ver taught theforms lodg'd in the fame common Matter were its Fence, rho' they were fuppofed to efentiate the Compofita, which refulted from their Union therewith. Yea, it did teach theywere fo little the Effence of that common Matter, that they might be ex- Se11'd out of it, and fucceeded by new ones, and yet the Matter which 'recei- ved them (till remainthefame. But that an Attribute fhould be fuppofed to be the E nce ofthe Subfiance to which it belongs 5 and that another firperaddeci Attribute, which is alfo the Effence of Subftance, fhouldnot make another Sub- fiance effentially diftin&, is an Afferti- on as repugnant to common Se.nfe, as two and two make not four. But that which compleats the Jac (tho' a tre- mendous one upon fo awful a Subje&) is that this Author fhould fo gravely tell the World, they who are not of his Sentiment, being ignorant of the cps of things, confound al/ things