Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

A Preface. Attributes, give unto Subftance two, or never fo many diftin& Effences, yet they fhall notbe fo much a s two,butone, only. For to the Query put by himfelf, By what Sign one may dfcern the diver- Schol, in flyofSuldtances ? he roundly anfwers, Prop. io. The following Propofitions would chew there was no other Subftance but one, and that one infinite, and therefore how Sub- fiances were to be diver/ify%dwould be en. quired in vain. Indeed, it would be in vain, ifknowing them tohave dif- ferent Effences, we mutt not yet call them different Subftances. But how the following Propofitions do thew there can be no more than one Sub. fiance, we fhall fee in time. We fhall for the prefent take leave of him, 'till we meet him again in the following DISCO7JRSE.