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THE Living Temple. PART II. CHAP. I, Wherein k fbewn the Defirgaiveneft of Spinofds Scheme and Defign to Religi- on, and the Temple of God. The Repugnancyof his Doctrine to this Af- fertion [that whatfoever exifts necef- farily, and of it felf, is abfolutely perfea] which is thereforefurther weigh- ed. His vain Attempt to prove what he defigns. His 2d. Propojition confidered. His Definitionof a Sulgance Defedive. Proves not his Purpofe. His 3d, 4th, and 5th Propofltion. His 8th. Scholia The Manududio ad Pantofophiam. H ITHERTO we have difcourfed only ofthe Owner of this Temple; and thewn to whom it rightfully belongs, that there is one, only, neceffiwy,filf7