Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

The Living Temple. Part H. exiging, and moil abfolutely perfect Be- ing, the glorioras and ever-blefd God, who is capable of ourconverfe, and in- clin'd thereto whom we are to conceive as juftly claiming a Temple with us, and ready, p n o_rr` willing furrender,' to ere hi4s, or repair fuch a one, make it habitable, to inhabit and replenith it with his holy, and rnoft deleecablè pre- fence, and convetfe with us therein fuita- bly,to .himfelf, and us ; i. e. to his own Excellency, and Fulnef ; and to our Indi- gcncy, and Wretchednefc. And now the Order of Difcourfe would lead us to behold the Sacred Stras- Unre`rifing, and view thefurprizing Me- t4ods by which it is brought about, that any fuch thing fhoLld have place in fuch a <<Vcrld as this But we mutt yield to flay, and be de- tain'd a Little by fome things of greater Importance, than meerly the more even Shape, and Order of a Difcourfe ; that is, lookinghack upon what bath been much inf feedon in the Farmer Part, [thatfome Being or other loth exi(l neceffarily, and of it [elf, which is o fabfolute or univerfal Per feCfion 51 and taking notice of tie oppo- lite Sentiments offome hereto becaufe the whole deign of evincing an Objet ofReligion, would manifeilly be much ktved