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4 The Living Temple. Part II. fiance, attended with that ftrange pair of Attributes, Extenfton and Thought (and an infinite number of others betides) bath a rnanifeft defign to throwReligion out of theWorld that way. And it molt direly oppofes the notion of a Self-exfient Being, which is abfoltttely perfec7. For fuck a Being muft be a Subftance, if it be any thing ; and he allows no Subftance but One, and therefore none to be Perfea, unlefs all be fo. And fence we are Pure force it Imperfect, it will be confequent there is none abfolutely Perfect. For that the fame Ihould be imperfea, and abfolutely Per- felt, is impoflible. Betides that he makes it no way pofii. We to one Sitbfiance to produce another, and what is fo impotent, muft be very im- perfect. Yea, and whatfoever is not om- nipotent, is evidently not abfolutelyPer- fect. We are therefore caft upon reconfider- ing this Propofition. [Whatfoever Being exifis neceffarily, andof it felfis abfolutely 1erfelll.] It is true that if any Being be evinced to exift neceffarily, and of it felf, which is abfolutely PerfeCt, this gives us an Ob- ject of Religion, and throws Spinofa's Farrago, his confuted Heap and jumble of Selifexiftent Being into nothing. 134 ìI.