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Part II. The Living Temple. ferved hereby, we could not but reckon it of great Importance to confider what is fail again fi it. We have obferv'd in the Preface a two- fold oppofite Hypothefis, which there- fore, before we go further in the Dif- courfe of this Temple of God, require to be difcufs'd. The Firfi is that ofSpinofa, which he bath more ezprefly ftated, and underta- ken with great Pomp, and Boaft, to de- monfirate in his Pot hJumous Ethicks, which we fhali therefore fo far confider, as Both concern our prefent Defign. He there, as bath been noted in the Preface, afferts all Subflance to be felf-exie lent, and to be infinite, that one Sub- (lance is improducible by another, that there is but One, and this One he calls God, lac. Now this horridScheme of his, tho' he and his Followers would cheat the World withNames, andwith a fpecious Shew ofPiety, is as dire tly levell'd a- gainft all Religion, as any the molt" a- vowedAtheifn,. For, as to Religion, it is all one whether we make nothing to be God, or every thing, whether we allow of no God to be worthípped, or ` leave none to worship him. His portentous li.trempt.: to identify and deify all Sub. fiance,