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The Living Temple. Part II. gain, for the fame Reafon, there is fome neceffary, or felf-exiftent Being that is the Caufe of whatfoever Being exitr not of itfelf; otherwife nothing of that land; could ever come intoBeing. Now that neceffary Being, which is the Caufe of all other Being, will moll mani- feflly appear to be abfolutely Perfe&. For, if it be univerfally Caufative of all other Being, it muff both havebeen the aetual Caufe of all Being that doth aCtu- ally exifi and can ,only be the pofJrble Caufe of all thafis poff ble to ex /. Now fo univerfal a Cauf can be no other than an abflately or univerfally perfeC'Being. For it could be the caufe of nothing, which it did not vertually, or formally comprehend in it felf. And that Being, which comprehends in it felf all Peferiion, Loth actual and pofble, mull be abfolutely, or univerfally Perfects And fuch a Being, as hash allo further, More particularly been made apparent., mutt be an intelligent, and a defigning A- gent, or Cauf . Becaufe, upon the whole Univerfe of produced Beings, there are molt manifeft Charmers of 1Defign in the pal ave Sesfe ; i. e. of their having been dined to ferve Ends, to which they have fodireec, and conftant, an Aptitude, as that the Attempt to make it be believ'd, they