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Part II. ilkLivingTemple. they were fó'rc'd; or fell, into that'pofture ofSubferviency to fùch and fuch Ends by any pretended Neu fiity Upon their Prin- cipal Cagle o Caajes, or by sneer tafiaalty, looks like the naafi ludicrous Trilling to any ManofSenfe 5 but al fo becaufe that da mongproduced Beings there are`'found to be many, that are themfelvesactively dé-` fagning, & that do`underf an"dingly intend.,, and purfue ends'; and eonfequently that` they"thenafelvés muff partake of ah lntelli gent, Spiritual Nature (fîncegmeer matter- is molt tnariifeftly u capàble of T 6ught or Deign). And further, by the n611 evi dent Confequence, that their prodaiaive' Caufe, viz,. the neceffary,fe f ex f lingBeing,' whereto all other things owe themfelves,° muff be a Mind or Spirit; inafmuch as to fuppofe any effect to have any thingmore of Excellency in it, than the Caufe from whence it proceeded, is to fuppofe all that Excellency to be effefted without a Caufe, or to have arifen of it felf out of nothing. Seeformer Part, Chap. T 2. &c. Therefore if it did not immediately appear that neceffary Being, asfilch, is ab- folutely perfect Being. Yet, by this Series of Difcourfe, it appears the main Canfe of Religion is ítill fafe, inafmuch as that zeceffary Bring, which is the Canfe of dl B 4 thing: