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Part II. The Living Temple. I r Nothing, therefore, can be more evi- dent, than that the Selfexigent Being muft be the abfolutely perfect Being. Andagain, if you fin)ply convert the Terms, and let this' be the Propofition,. that [t /re abfolutely perfeel Being, is the Self-ex(lent Being]`'tis moft obvious to every one, that the very Notion of an àbfolntety perféd Being, carries neceffity of Exiftence or Seif-Exiftence in it, which the Notion of nothingelfe dotli. And, indeed, one great Adafiler of this Argument, for the Exiftence of God, Dr.More pathhimfelf told me,. Ihàt tho, when he had puzzl ,;l ' piers iltheifis with it,, they had beenwont t qua °rel at it, as Sophifli- cal, and Fallacious, he could never meet with any that could detc t the Sophifn, or tell where any Fallacy in it lay and that, upon' thewhole, he rely'dupon it, as moil folid and firm. And, I doubt not, but it may be manag'd with that Advantage, as to be very clearly concluding; yet, be- caufe I reckon'd the way I have taken more clear, I chofe it rather : But, find- ing that fo near Cognation, and recipro- cal Conne&ion, between the terms both ways, I reckon'd this fhort Reprefentati- on hereof, annexed to the larger Courfe ofevincing the fame thing, might add no unufeful Strength to it. And doubt not