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io The Living Temple. Part If. himfelf comprehended, ofwhat he finds he can never comprehend! For contem- plating the f lf-exiflent Being, he finds it eternally, neceffarily, never-not exifl- ing ! He can have no thought of the es Cart.; fe1 f-exifling Being, as filch, but as always exifling, as having exifted always, as al- ways certain to exifl. Enquiring into the Spring and Source of this Beings ex- fience, whence is it that it Both exifl ? His own Notion of a felf-exifling Being, which is not arbitrarily taken up, but which the reafon of things hath impos'd upon him, gives him his Anfwer, and it canbe no other, in that it isafelf-exflent Being, it hath it of it fell; that it loth exit}. It is an eternal, everlafling pring and Fountain ofperpetually ex fleet Be- ing to it felf. What a giorious Excellen- cy ofBeing is this ! What can this mean, but the greateft' remotenefs from nothing that is poflible 5 i. e. the moll" abfolute: Ful tiers, andPlentitude ofall Being, and Perfdlion ? And whereas all caufed Being, as finch, is, to every Man's Underftanding, con- find within certain limits 5 what can the uncaufedSelf exiftent Beingbe, but moll unlimited, infinite, all -comprehending, and moil abfolutely perfea ? Nothing