Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temple. 2 5 7th. Prop. That it belongs to it, to exi.fb necefarily. I grant the Confequence to begood, and reckon it a Truth of great Evidence, and Concernment, That what- foever exiffs necefariy, is infinite. I heartily Congratulate Spinofa's Acknow- ledgment of fo very clear, and impor-' taut, an Affertion ; and do hope, as in the foregoing Difcourfe, I have madeform, tomakefurther good life of it. But for what he affumes, that all Subftance necef- farily exi.fls ; you fee it refs upon no- thing, and fo, confequently, doth, what he would conclude from it, that all Sub- ftance is infinite. And his further Proof of it, avails as little, viz. that it cannot befinite ; becaufe (by his 2d. Definition) if it be fo, it muf be limited by fomething ofthefame Nature, &c. Which would. be abfurd by Prop. 5. That there cannot be two Subfances of the fame Attribute : For that there be two, of the fame indi- vidualAttribute, to bound one another is unnecefary (as well as impoffible) and ab- furdly fuppos'd for this purpofe For if there were two of the fame individual Nature, and Attribute, they would not bound one another, but run into one ; inaf- much as having but one Attribute, they should, according to him, have but one and the farmEfence ; and fo be moll en- tirely