Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

116 The Living Temple. Pitt il. tirely one, and that there cannot be two, or many times two, of the famefpecial, or general Nature, is unprov'd 3 and the contrary molt' evident, as may be feen, in what bath been faid upon that 5th. Propofition. No Man needs with an Eafer Task, than it would be to (hew the Fall000d., or Impertinency of his Scholia upon Pro- pofition, and of his following DifccArfe, to the purpofe above-mention'd. hut I reckon it unneceffary, his Principal Sup- ports being (I will not fay over-thrown, but) difcover'd to be none at all. I (hall, therefore, follow his Footfteps no fur- ther, only take Notice of come few things that have a dire&er Afpeft upon his main defign, and make all the haft, I can, to take leave of him) that I may be at Li- berty to purfile my own. What is in his firli Scholium follows, he fays, only, up- on his 7th. Propofition, which it felf fol- lows upon nothing 5 and therefore, I fur- ther regard it not. His d. Schol. would have his 7th. Prop. pals for a Common Notion ; and fo it will when he bath infpir'd all Man- kind with his ':;enriments. but why mutt it do fo? Becaufe Subflance is that which is in it filf, and is conceived by it filf. Now compare that with his loth. Prop. CE/Dery