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42 The Living Temple. Part If. to be produced, and not fel f -exit- ent, that even the frbfance of it is produced alfo 5 which they deny, viz. 'Mani-That whofe Effence this unnatn'd Au- dui. Pag. thor lays, includes not Exiftenee, ei- ,107° then hath fame Subftance belonging to its Effence, or it bath not: If not, it may exift zcithout Subfance 5 and then unto what is it an Attri . bide, or what doth it modify ? If yea, there is then fame Subftance, and particularly that of this World, in whole Effence Exiftence is not in- cluded ; and that, by confequence, the Subftance of this World is pro-- duc'd. But if any make a Difficulty of it to underhand, how all Being, and Perfection, should be included in the Divine Being, and not be very God lb much is already laid to this in the former part of this Difcourfe, viz. Chap. 4. Sea.. i 2, &c. That as I fhall not here repeat what hath been Paid, fo I think it unmeceffary to fay more. And 'tis what Spinofa himfelf had once fuch Sobriety of Mind as to ap- prehend when Princip. R. D. Cart. Philòfoph. more Geometr. demon- Prat.