Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. `the Living Temple. Title, L' Impie convaincu. It is pro- feffedly written againit the Atheifm of Spinofa. And when I firft lookt into it, I could not refrain thinking of Plato's Repartee to Diogenes, when the latter undertook to reprehend the other's Pride, that he did it with great- er Pride. Altho' I think not the Ap- plication is to be made in the f r!tief Terms. For I will neither be fo indul- gent to Spinofa, as to reckon that any Man's Atheifm can be greater than his ; nor fofevere to this his Adverfary, as pofitively to conclude he defign'd the Ser- vice of any Atheifm at all. But I think . him, at leaft, unwarily, and without any neceffity, to have quitted one of the Principal Supports ofthe Dotirine of a Deity ; and that he hath underta- ken the Confutation of Atheifm, up- on a Ground that leads to .Atheifm. He thinks, it feems, Spinofa not o- therwife confutable, than upon the Hypotbefrt of eternal, independent Matter, which he thus explains in his Preface, it being the fecond of the three diftinét hypothefe, whereof he there gives an account. 45 fs