Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

46 The Living Temple. Part I!. La fecon- The' f cond, he fays, is theirs, who cel- leedeceuxafert two Beings, or two Suhflances in- gui, mac. create, eternal, independent, as to their firrple exiflence, tho3 very differently Avert the former whereof is God, the infinite- fern' y perfec` Being, Almighty, the Princi- ple of all Perfec`iion ; and the fecond, Matter, a Being effentially imperfect, without Power, without Life, without Knowledge ; but capable neverthelefs of all thefe Perfections, by iriprefJon front God, and his Operations upon it. This he pretends to have been the Hypothefis of the ancient Philofophers and Divines ( after he had acknowledg'd the for- mer Hypothefzs [That the World, and the Matter ofit, were drawnout ofNothing by the infinite Power of the firli and fu- preamBeing, which itfelfalonewas eter- nal and independent.] was the Hypothe- fis of the greater part of Chriflian vines, andPhilofophers) And this fe- cond, he fays, is the Hypothefis which he (hall follow, reje&ing thefìr.s`t, but nowmention'd, and in oppolliition to the 3d. which makes the World, and its Production, to be nothing el e than anEnnanation of the Divine Subflance, whereby a part of it felf, is formed into a World. And this, he lays, was the O-