Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part IL The Living Temple. Opinion of the ancient Gnofiic's, and Prifcillianifis, and isfor the mofi part of the Cabbalifs, of the nero Adamites, or the illuminated, and of an infinite number ofAfiatic, and Indian Philofo- phers. To qualify the ill favour of that fe- cond Opinion which he follows, he would have us believe it to be the more creditable, than the (rejetd) firf , which, he fays, is a new thing in the World, and that it was not born 'till form Ages after Chrif ; which isgratis dictum. And whereas he tells us, he takes notice, That Tertullian was the firf that maintained it againft a Chrifti- an Philofopher, who defended the eternal Exifience of Matter; he had only rea- fon to take notice, That the Philofv- pher, he mentions, was the firft, that calling himfelf a Chriftian, had the Confidence to affert an Opinion fo repugnant to Chrifianity, and to all Religion; and who, therefore, frft gave fo confiderable an Occafion to one, who was a Chriftian indeed, to confute it. Nor was Hermogenes a touch more creditable Name with the orthodox, ancient, Chriftians, than thof 47