Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

5 z The LivingTemple. Part IÌ. felf-repugnant, than the Affertion of two all-comprehending Beings. And if there be but one, that smatter is not that one. But that it molt be a neceffary, felf-originate, intelligent Being, which is the Root of all Being, I conceive al- ready fufciently prov'd in the former part of this Difourf. Wherein it is alfo (hewn, that finite created Beings, arifing from that Infinite felforiginate one, limit it not, nor do detra& any thing from its Infinity; but concur to e- vidence its Infinity rather ; inafmuch as they couldnever have been, had they not been before contained within the producfive'Power of that increase fclf. `originate Being. It is, by the way, to be noted that the notion of Infinity we now intend, doth not meerly import Zlnconfinednefs to this or that certainfpace, (tho' it in- clude that too) for that, alone, were a very maimed, defective notion ofIn- 7initenefs. But we underftand by it the abfolute all-comprehending profundity, andplenitude of E.ffènce and PerfeLion. Whereupon, it fgnifies nothing to the preferving entire, the infinity of the feiforiginate, intelligent Being, only to fuppofe it f ch, as that it can perme- ate