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Part If. the Living Temple. ate all the fpace, that can be taken up by another (fuppofed)felf-.originate Be- ing. For Hi, fince its EfTnce were of itf lf, it were not vertuallycontained in the other. Which therefore would evince that other, not tobe, in the true fenfe, infinite. Whereupon we 2. Prove the impoffìbilit)/ ofindepen- dent, felforiginate matter, from the known, agreed, Notion of God, viz. That he is [a Being abfolutely perfeF] or comprehenfive ofall Perfellion. Even they that deny his Exijience, confefs (tho' to the contradiction of them- felves) this to be the notion of the thing they deny. Now, tho' this Affertor of indepen- dent matter, acknowledges it a Being efrentially imperfect , he can only mean by that, lefr perfet ; not that it hath, imply, no Po-jet-lion at all. 'Tis idle trifling, to brangle about words. Per- feCion hath been wont togo for an At- tribute ofBeing. He calls it a Being, it muff therefore have fonte PerfeCion Tome Goodnefs, be of force value. l it not better, than nothing? Then, that Perfeaionmufr be eminently contained in God ; otherwife, how is he a Being 'orrprehe,fve ofall Perf elion a The 53