Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

58 The LivingTemple. Part IL vr. Matter is not capable (which I (hall think tohave been done, 'till I fee the contrary evinced) we tnuft judge him, very abfurdly, to have averted fuch Pelf-originate, independent utter. And as he hath affected it very inconfifientt ly with the Truth oftheThing ; fo 2dly, It will appear he hath done it aslittle confiftently with himfelf. For (z.) he acknowledges God to be [L3 etre infiniment parfait, tout puiant, & le principe de tonteperfection; " a Being ` infinitely perfect, almighty, and the principle ofallperfection.] Now how is he infinitely perfect, if his Being in- clude not all Perfection ? How is he Almighty, ifbe cannot create ? How is he the Fountain, or Principle ofall Per- fection, if the Perfection of Matter (which, as hath been faid, tho' he . make it effentially imperfect, mutt have Tome Perfection belonging to it, fence it is not sneer nothing) be not eminent- ly comprehended in his Being? Fefides, that here acknowledging. God to be Omnipotent. And having deny'd the neceiary, eternal, indepen- dent Matter, whichhe imagines, to be in ite, but limited, and confined to the