Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temmple. 59 the created Vniverfe only. I would hereupon demand of him; Cannot the Bled God, if he- pleafes, create many Worlds? If he fay, No Then how is he Omnipotent? IfTea Of what Matter mull they be made ? Not ofhis (imagined) nece, fary, independent Matter ; For of that really none could ; but ' according to him the prefent Vniverfe ismade : It is already takenup, and preingag'd there- in. And'tis limited thereto. There- fore, the Matter isyet to be created, of which theother Worlds are to be made r And it can be fo ; otherwife no more Worlds can be made : And thereupon the Great God is, not without Blaf- phemy, faid to have gone to theutmoft of his Power, to have done in this kind all that he can. And this mull be faid, by this Author, in exprefs Con- tradiélion, to the truth of the thing, to the moil common, and agreed Idea, or Notion ofthe Divine Being ; and now, moil apparently, to himfe f And