Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

87 absolute command: my lord urged that he wouid restore it in ten dayes, Mr. ' Hutchinson replied, they might haYe use of it sooner, and he hoped my lord would not clisarme his country in such a time of clanger:. my lord contemn'd the mention of clanger, and ask'cl what they could feare while he was their lord lieftenant and ready to serve them with his life: Mr. Hutchinson told him of some grounds to apprehend clanger by reason of the clayly passing of armed men through the country, whereof there was now one troope in the towne, and that before they could repayre to my lord they might be clestroy'd in his absence, and withall urg'cl to him examples of their insolence; but my lord replied to all the urgency of the king's occasions for it, which were such that he could not clispence with it. lt was in vaine to argue with him the property the country had in it, being bought with their money~ and therefore not to be taken without their consent: my lord declar'cl himselfe positively resolv'd to take it, whereupon Mr. Hutchinson left him. There were in the roome with him Sr. John Digby, the high shcriffe of the county, who was setting downe the .11•eight of the ponder and match, and two or three captaines and others, that were busie weighing the poucler. By that time Mr. HLitchinson came nowne, a good company of. the country were gather'd together; whom Mr. I-lutchinson acquainted what had pass'.d betweene him and my lord, and they desir' d 11im that he would but please to stand to them, and they would part with all their blood before he should have a corne of it, and saycl moreover they would goe up and tumble my lord and the sheriffe out of the windores. Mr. Hutchinson seeing them so resolv'cl, clesir'cl them to stay below while he went yet once againe up to my lord, which they did, and he told my lord some of the countrie were come in, at whose · request he was againe come to beseech his lordship to desist from his clesigne, which pursued might be of dangerous consequence. My lord replied, it could not be, for the king was very well assured of the chearefull compliance of the greatest part of the country with I'